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Why Climate-Controlled Self-Storage?

Your climate-controlled storage needs are of utmost importance to us at 1-800 Self Storage in Troy, Michigan. Climate controlled storage is incredibly important to consider when storing valuable family heirlooms as well as furniture that may be damaged by fluctuating conditions such as humidity and cold. No one wants to store their items and come back to damage from their exposure to the elements.

Although at first-thought the premise of a climate-controlled facility seems unimportant and needing your clothes to have heating and AC seems like a strange priority, it can definitely come in handy in maintaining your belongings!

At 1-800 Self Storage we specialize in climate-controlled units in the Troy, Rochester, and Rochester Hills area for the needs of our clients. Our superior customer service puts us apart from other companies who solely offer a box for your belongings. We offer units that in addition to climate control have convenient month-to-month lease terms, Individual Door Alarms, Unique PIN Code Access, and Digital Surveillance.

Climate controlled storage in Troy Michigan is a very competitive market and we are certain to show you all of the reasons why we are the best option for your storage needs both in price and in amenities. Our Troy, Michigan facility also offers complimentary usage of a meeting room for any event. We also offer complimentary coffee, tea, and ice cream for you to snack on while you’re using our facility.

Climate controlled storage is a very important piece to the storage journey to maintain the integrity of your precious belongings. Furniture made of wood and fabric, books, and clothes have a tendency to take on moisture when left in a unit that has no barrier to the elements other than the door.

We make sure that all storage units in our facilities are secure from the elements and from anyone other than you! We want you to feel like you are leaving your precious heirlooms in your “extra basement” rather than in a far-off land. Keeping the products in a stable environment is important because we treat your stuff like its ours!